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Client: Claude Rolin

Year: 2018

Despues del amor y las flores



Claude Rolin is a writer and artist based on the Canary Islands, "Después del amor y las flores" is his debut novel mixing poetry and prose on the same book.

The author wanted to create a book that was out of the ordinary with "mistakes": wrong page numeration, different use of typography from one page to another, etc. This is to show this piece of art not as an object but as an extension of his humanity.

We humans make mistakes, and it is okay since it is on our nature not to be perfect.

This concept is also reflected on the way you can read this book, there is no clear beginning nor end. Which means: you can read it from wherever you want and it would still make sense.

To help the reader to understand this theory two covers instead of only one were created. This lets them not only to read the book from both sides but also helps them on the decision making on where to start reading it.

4 pages preview mockup.jpg
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