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Hey! Hola!
Hallo! Bonjour!

My name is Paula Alconada, a graphic designer and illustrator based on Madrid, Spain.

Since I was little I have always had an interest in books and art, so growing up I decided to make/find a job that could have both of my biggest passions. That is how I discovered graphic design.

Throughout the years I have managed to work in different fields and clients such as: Oriflame, La Española (International), Miriam Quevedo Cosmetics, Wabi, LG and Varma Club. Which have lead me to meet really interesting people and increase my experience.
As for my illustration work it is mostly characterised by a mix of the female figure and nature, but sometimes it is just a reflection of a bunch of feelings.


Adobe Creative Cloud 

(photoshop, illustrator, indesign, XD, reader, after effects)



Microsoft Office Pack

(excel, word, powerpoint)


As patience as a saint

Winter lover

Guitar player



MUTUO Gallery, Barcelona  
July - September

Year: 2019

Postales desde el limbo
Centro de solidaridad

Proyecto Hombre, Zaragoza

Years: 2018 & 2019

Where to find me

Kluid Magazine
Online - 2018

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