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Palabras bajo la almohada

Client: MueveTuLengua Editorial

Year: 2020

palabras bajo la almohada

MueveTuLengua is a spanish editorial that works with creative creators from all over the world.

"Palabras bajo la almohada" by Santi Jimenez Serrano is a nonfiction book. It is a collection of different intimate real life stories taking place in the same city. The author wanted on the cover to appear a diary, since it is an object where we tend to write all of our secret feelings and thoughts. It is a safe zone.

With this on mind a full cover design was created, the visual englobes not only the back and front cover but also the lapels of the book.

This is why it was decided to represent a normal life situation, where someone (in this case a woman) is sleeping in her room. When we sleep is the moment of the day where we are most vulnerables, and dreams become a direct connection between our inner self and our feelings. Combining all these concept and the request of the author the full cover was created.

4 pages preview mockup.jpg
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